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The Product

The Product I am a product of how you treat me How I see me is reflected times three It happened long ago when you had control And now it’s … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Knife

The Girl with the Knife It was strange as I watched them step over her feet She was there but she wasn’t and no one seemed to see She laid … Continue reading

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Hold On

Hold On Love Dedicated to u, u know who u are He knows my favorite song to sing To keep me singing along with him He can recite the love … Continue reading

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Truth Is, I’m Not

Truth Is, I’m Not I’d like to say I’m searching for love Truth is, I’m not I’d like to say I’m searching for happiness Truth is, I’m not I’d like … Continue reading

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Material Things

Once I was consumed with what was wrong with me that I didn’t fit in. Now I just don’t give a fuck. So glad I didn’t conform to fit in. … Continue reading

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Four Walls

Four Walls by Nicole Laura Smith I mailed a letter to a friend. I asked him if he knew when the world would end. He kindly replied the world has … Continue reading

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Dying Heart

Dying Heart I think it’s worse to have many friends u know that care But who are always never there when need them there When u need someone to just … Continue reading

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